Why is Analog increasingly
important in the Digital Era?

Discover why new market trends and requirements have been shifting the course of microelectronics lately towards Mixed-Signal
IC development focusing on analog expertise

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See what happend at the event that gathered IoT, Industry 4.0 and Microelectronics. A full day event that exhibited solutions, shared content, explored opportunities & challenges and the most recent innovations. An event with professionals from all over Brazil and the world, at the wonderful city of Florianópolis. 

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Battery Charger Analog IPs


Chipus is building out its power management offerings by expanding its line of battery charger IPs, designed for modern mobile and IoT applications, where battery powered solutions are ubiquitous. See more details in the application note. 

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Relying on a strong experience in power management and data converters, Chipus has more
than 150 IP blocks in process nodes from 40nm to 0.35um of various foundries. Since its foundation
in 2008, the company has licensed such IPs and provided associated IC design services with firm
commitment and flexible client support to customers worldwide (North and South America, Europe,
and Asia).